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Carole R. Engle, Ph.D.

Aquaculture Economics & Marketing 

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations 

Note: These powerpoint presentations have been saved in Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) file format for faster downloading times. if you need the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader program to view the files, you may download it [here]. Please be advised that many of these files are very large in size and may take a while to load depending on your connection.  Please be patient.

Presentation Title / (File Size & Type)
Are Cheaper Fish What You Really Want to Eat
Presentation / (7.27Mb, PDF)
Status of World Aquaculture
Presentation / (1.61Mb, PDF)
Surviving $350 per ton feed
Presentation / (1.23Mb, PDF)
The Hidden Costs of Small-Scale Farming
Presentation / (4.17Mb, PDF)
Who Assures Safety of Seafood Supply
Presentation / (3.99Mb, PDF)
Getting the most out of your feed money
Presentation / (801Kb, PDF)
Catfish in China, for Demopolis
Presentation / (12.75Mb, PDF)
Economics of BMPs in Aquaculture
Presentation / (2.71Mb, PDF)
Science and Advocacy, Implications for Extension
Presentation / (2.54Mb, PDF)
High Feed Prices and Costs
Presentation / (1.26Mb, PDF)
Presentation, CFar 2008
Presentation / (2.14Mb, PDF)
Seafood Safety
Presentation / (4.08Mb, PDF)
UAPB Aquaculture Update, 2008
Presentation / (10.75Mb, PDF)
The Pangasius Industry in Vietnam
Presentation / (8.05Mb, PDF)
The US Asian Carp Industry: Economic Value and Importance
Presentation / (3.73Mb, PDF)
Trade Adjustment Assistance Training
Presentation / (2.16Mb, PDF)
Balancing Pond Gain, Profits, and Financial Risk
Presentation / (1.24Mb, PDF)

The Catfish Industry:  Production, Marketing, and Economics
Presentation  / (3.35Mb, PDF)

Maximizing Catfish Production Efficiency
Presentation  /  (1.21Mb, PDF)
CFAr Mid-Year Presentation Handout
Presentation  /  (736Kb, PDF)
Catfish Feed/Fish Prices & Farm Management
Presentation  /  (99Kb, PDF)
Economic Impact of the Catfish Industry in Chicot County, Arkansas
Presentation  /  (451Kb, PDF)
The Catfish Conference in Mississippi
Presentation  /  (3.56Mb, PDF)


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