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Financial Analysis Presentations and Workshops

The following Financial Analysis Presentations and Workshops documents have been saved in PDF format. The Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are left in Excel format so they may be used in the exercises.

Name / (File Size & Format)
Aquaculture Economics & Marketing Presentations  
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Enterprise Budgets Worksheet - with updated feed, fuel and electricity costs for 2012 
(Excel Spreadsheet, 41.9Kb)
Cash Flow Simulator Worksheet 
(Excel Spreadsheet, 13.5Mb) - (2008)
Cash Flow Simulator with Limited Capital 
(Excel Spreadsheet, 10.7Mb) - (2008)
Getting the most out of your feed money 
(Presentation, 801Kb, PDF) - (2008)
How do I manage my farm when feed prices are high? 
(Word Document, 37Kb) - (2008)

Breakeven Costs of Production on Five Farm Sizes at Different Feed Costs - Table 1  
(Word Document,  36Kb) - (2008)

The Most Profitable Stocking Density at Different Feed Prices -Table 2 
(Word Document,  28Kb) - (2008)

Graph of Feed Prices - Figure 1  
(Excel Spreadsheet, 16Kb) - (2008)

Overview of Financial Statement - (2005)
Presentation (23Kb, PDF)
Balancing Pond Gain, Profits, and Financial Risk - (2005)
Presentation (1.24Mb, PDF)
Factors Influencing the Economic Status of the U.S. Catfish Industry - (2005)
Presentation (3.56Mb, PDF)
Managing your Catfish Farm with Cash Flow Budgets - (2005)
(139Kb, PDF)
Financial Analysis Workshop: A Self-Guided, Excel-Based Tutorial on the Financial Analysis of Catfish Farms - (2004)

Balance Sheet Exercise
(M/S Excel spreadsheet) 

Income Statement Exercise
(M/S Excel spreadsheet) 

Cash Flow Budget Exercise  
(M/S Excel spreadsheet)

Note: You may save these files on your computer, and then work on the exercises without being connected to the Internet.

Financial Analysis, Interpretation of Solvency and Liquidity - (2005)
Presentation (92Kb, PDF)


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