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Aquaculture/Fisheries Center - Extension - Fish Health
Services Available
Fish Health Services    The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Extension Program has four Fish Disease Diagnostic Laboratories that specialize in the investigation of fish kills in private ponds and on commercial fish farms. The Diagnostic Laboratories are equipped to diagnose fish diseases, analyze water quality problems, and make treatment recommendations and should be consulted whenever fish health problems are suspected. The Diagnostic laboratories also provide inspections or fish for interstate transport and international export. The UAPB Diagnostic Laboratories are the only providers of fish disease diagnostic services in Arkansas and the lab at UAPB is one of only a few in the country that is approved by USDA-APHIS to inspect fish for export. Together the four laboratories handle more than 2000 disease cases per year. 

     Diagnostic Lab services are available to Arkansas fish farmers, owners of private lakes and ponds, state agencies, and anybody else with fish health related problems. Most services are free and are financed by the State of Arkansas and by federal funding through the USDA. When a fish health problem occurs, familiarize yourself with this fact sheet then call one of the diagnostic laboratories for advice on how to proceed. The labs are staffed 8-5 Monday through Friday. Walk-in customers are welcome, but if you are traveling a long distance to the lab, it is always a good idea to call ahead. Customers should always call the lab before shipping samples by commercial carriers.