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Aquaculture/Fisheries Center - Extension - Fish Health
Diagnostic Lab Locations
     There are four diagnostic laboratories in the Extension Program. Pond-owners that will deliver their own fish to the lab should select the nearest lab. Although all three labs are staffed during normal business hours, it is always advisable to call the laboratory before bringing in a sample. If the nearest lab is unavailable by telephone, call one of the other diagnostic labs for advice. 

     The lab in Lonoke specializes in baitfish and ornamentals. The lab in Lake Village specializes in catfish. The Newport Laboratory does both catfish and baitfish. The lab in Pine Bluff handles all species and is responsible for virology, histopathology, molecular diagnostics (PCR) and USDA-APHIS approved inspections for export to countries that require USDA documentation. Pond-owners that contemplate shipping fish samples may wish to contact the Diagnostic Lab specializing in the species of fish that is to be submitted.

Lab addresses and contact information can be found in the links below: