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Fish Health Export Inspection
Fish Inspection     Commercial fish producers that wish to export fish may be required to provide a certificate of fish health inspection to authorities in the recipient state or country. Different states and countries all have their own regulations specifying correct protocols for fish inspection. These regulations may specify sample collection techniques, sample size, sample shipping, and diagnostic methods. Farmers contemplating out-of-state shipments should get advice from wildlife or veterinary medical agencies with jurisdiction over the shipment’s destination. The UAPB diagnostic labs can provide assistance in determining which regulations may apply to a particular fish shipment. 

     Inspection of fish for export usually requires submission of a fish sample to the Diagnostic Laboratory. The fish are examined according to the wishes of the recipient state or country and documents are prepared for submission to the appropriate agencies. Farmers should investigate export rules and contact the Diagnostic Labs well in advance of any shipment to jurisdictions with which the farmers has no prior experience. In any case, it is always advisable to phone the Diagnostic Lab and notify them that an inspection is needed, when the sample will be submitted, and how quickly results must be obtained.