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Aquaculture/Fisheries Center - Extension - Fish Health
Information Needed for an Accurate Diagnosis 
     In many cases, accurate information describing the history and characteristics of a fish health problem is critical to a successful diagnosis and proper treatment. Pond owners should be prepared to provide the following information either by phone or in person if samples are hand delivered: 
  • Owner and contact name, address, and phone number
  • Surface area and average depth of the pond
  • Number, size, and species of fish in the pond
  • Water temperature
  • Water color and appearance 
  • Water quality data, if available 
  • History of fish health problem including 
    • number of fish dead
    • size of fish dead 
    • species effected 
    • behavioral signs noted 
    • time course of fish loss (sudden die off vs. a few/day over several days) 
    • treatments used (what, how much, when). 
  • Time of sample collection 
  • Method of sample collection 
  • Condition of fish when collected